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Tamping foundation developing future---------Zhongli Group Headquarter cable marketing campaign

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January 17th, the marketing elites of company who always do business outside return to company and got together. For improving comprehensive quality, enriching workers’ life, building a harmonious and friendly working environment, the company specialized in organizing a series of activities:(1)marketing training, (2)speech contest, (3)marketing knowledge contest.


1 Marketing training

In order to further improve the professional quality and ability of marketing personnel,Legal experts, technical engineers and marketing experts who were invited by company conduct a series of training:<legal practice of sales contract>,<new energy electric vehicle cable product training>,<new market development training>; After early full investigation, layers screening, finally, this marketing training was included by <legal practice of sales contract>,<new energy electric vehicle cable product training>,<new market development training> in January 17th .

The training content was close to the actual sales,<legal practice of sales contract> popularized the laws and regulations and matters needing attention of the sales contract for the attended people,the classic examples of the course can better alarm. <new market development> made the marketing personnel broaden the market development ideas and promoted marketing transformation.

Through training, marketing elite benefited a lot and had the new direction and ideas of development of sales in 2017.


2 Speech contest

The majority of marketing staffs are the bridge between the company and the customers.excellent presentation and communication skills are required. For further enhance the presentation and communication ability of marketing staffs, the company launched a speech contest which treat intruding the company and the production as the topic.

Every vice president of marketing was invited as the judges, and comprehensive considered 5 sides of PPT making, speech content, presentation effect, time control, instrument style. Each marketing elite  participated in actively, and made full preparations.

In speech contest, the players reviewed the company's developing process, introduced the company's products and performance,shows Changshu’s humanities history and looked forward to a bright future, the players were passionate and alive in the speech process and fully showed their confidence and vitality.

Through fierce competition, the sale manager Gao Qiongqiong from Beijing office won the championship with an excellent live show finally, in addition, Ni menglei from railway market department gained runner-up, and Li Hanbing from oversea market department obtained the third. The company prepared the beautiful gifts for the winners, and provide a lot of plentiful books to the positive attenders.


3 Marketing knowledge contest

The company had organized several knowledge contests which were liked by workers, the knowledge contests not only can broaden the knowledge, consolidate the company's knowledge, but also to create a strong learning atmosphere. Hence, the marketing knowledge contest which combined entertainment and learning to a whole has been provided to the marketing elites.

This marketing knowledge contest included company history, company status, company system, safety production, marketing knowledge, product technical knowledge, history, humanities, politics, literature and so on. The salesmen of each market attended actively, and there were 16 salesmen joined the contest.

The game was divided into the 4 rounds: one versus one by drawing ,and the winner into the next round,  until the first. In contest live,the participants demonstrated their solid comprehensive knowledge base,the game was exciting, the atmosphere of the game was high. At last, Qian Jia from oversea market department beat Chang Chaozhi from railway energy market department by 6:4, and won the first prize in marketing knowledge contest.