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Focus on \"Two Sessions\", precision poverty alleviation

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The 2018 China "two sessions", which has attracted much attention from the world, was successfully held in Beijing. A number of proposals concerning people's livelihood, society, and the environment have been put forward, and the “Poverty Alleviation Work” has once again become the focus of attention of the delegates.
"Resolutely winning the fight against poverty" is not a simple slogan, but should be the actual action of all the people!
In the past two years, the poverty alleviation of the photovoltaic industry has won the trust and favor of the people with its characteristics of one investment and precise poverty alleviation. It has realized the transition from blood transfusion to poverty alleviation and rational and effective use of emerging industries and rural resources. The pace of poverty alleviation has also boosted the construction of China's clean energy industry.

In the 2018 National "Two Sessions" and local two sessions, entrepreneur representatives and government representatives have put forward ideas on PV poverty alleviation!

Promote village-level photovoltaic power generation to boost rural areas in poverty-stricken areas
Vice Governor of the People's Government of Yunnan Province and the CPPCC National Committee
In the “Proposal on Promoting the Construction of Village-Level Photovoltaic Poverty Alleviation Power Stations and Promoting the Implementation of Rural Revitalization Strategies in Poverty-Stricken Areas”, Gao Feng called for the integration of village-level poverty alleviation power stations with the implementation of rural revitalization strategies in poverty-stricken areas, and the construction of village-level poverty alleviation photovoltaic power stations. To create conditions for poor villages to carry out industrial poverty alleviation, develop collective economy, and achieve accurate poverty alleviation.

He suggested combining the construction of village-level poverty alleviation photovoltaic power stations with the rural revitalization strategy for promoting remote and poverty-stricken areas, combining power station construction with industrial development and comprehensive development and utilization of land and resources, and establishing a number of pilot projects to plan and construct a batch of solar photovoltaic farming according to local conditions. Field, photovoltaic agricultural water storage irrigation system and other services for rural development, farmers to increase income; based on agricultural development, actively guide the construction of village-level photovoltaic power station and facility agriculture development and diversification planting, aquaculture industry development, the construction of new solar energy ecological agriculture In the greenhouse, planting precious herbs of Xiyin and high-value-added crops such as fungi, flowers, organic food and vegetables, and improving the comprehensive utilization rate of rural land.

Accelerate the development of Sichuan's photovoltaic industry and create a win-win situation of “environmental protection, poverty alleviation and energy”
The collective proposal of the Sichuan Provincial Committee of the Democratic National Construction Association
The Sichuan Provincial Committee of the Democratic National Construction Committee recommended in the collective proposal on "Accelerating the Development of Photovoltaic Industry in Our Province" to accelerate the development of Sichuan's photovoltaic industry, and use photovoltaic power generation as a lever to stimulate the pattern of energy, environmental protection and poverty alleviation industries. New steps. Make full use of Sichuan Ganzi, Aba, Liangshan and Panzhihua and other “three states and one city” to enjoy the unique advantages of solar energy resources, accelerate the development of photovoltaic power generation in areas with suitable conditions such as “three states and one city”, and combine existing hydropower resources to form “water and solar complementarity”. The clean development pattern of the province will not only double the support capacity of the Sichuan power grid, but also fundamentally solve the problem of sustainable energy supply in the future.
In the decisive period of building a well-off society in an all-round way, PV poverty alleviation will serve as a poverty alleviation model for emerging industries, providing a path for effective poverty alleviation in the “three states and one city”. According to the calculation of relevant institutions, only 1-3% of the effective land area of Sichuan “three cities and one city” is used. Local residents only need to enjoy 2-3% of land rent and power value distribution, which can reach the income level equivalent to that of the eastern coastal residents. .
In summary, photovoltaic power generation is centered on green and low-carbon, with environmental protection and renewable new energy as the mainstay, adapting to the needs of the future green clean energy revolution. At the same time, it can also solve the problems of industrial poverty alleviation, hematopoietic poverty alleviation and precise poverty alleviation, and effectively support the environmental protection, poverty alleviation and energy win-win situation.

During the "two sessions", the "Guangming Daily", which was directly led by the Central Propaganda Department and one of the Central Committee's Central Organs, published an article entitled "Zhongli Group: Innovative Three Generations of Agricultural Photovoltaic Precision Poverty Alleviation Projects Helping Poverty Alleviation". The article introduces the case of the Anhui Province Lingbi project, the first “Baoxian Poverty Alleviation” photovoltaic farm built by Zhongli Group, and introduces Zhongli Group's innovative three generations of agricultural PV precision poverty alleviation mode; and continues to practice Zhongli Group and its chairman Wang Baixing. The contribution made by corporate responsibility and helping the country to win the fight against poverty has been highly affirmed and praised.

Have feelings, have the responsibility, and take full responsibility to promote poverty alleviation in the photovoltaic industry.
Eliminating poverty, improving people's livelihood and achieving common prosperity are the essential requirements of socialism. The historic solution to the problem of poverty is a milestone. Industrial poverty alleviation is the main way to solve poverty alleviation in poor areas. Born in the countryside, Wang Baixing, the chairman of Zhongli Group, always cares about poor farmers, pays attention to vulnerable groups, is keen on charity, and has the courage to practice social responsibility. According to incomplete statistics, since the establishment of Zhongli Group, Wang Baixing and his company have donated more than 100 million yuan to donated aid schools, nursing homes, and support for poor students in disaster areas and poverty-stricken areas.

Wang Baixing has never forgotten social responsibility. He leads all Zhongli people, has feelings, has the responsibility, and has the responsibility to promote the photovoltaic industry to alleviate poverty. Zhongli Group's innovative three-generation agricultural photovoltaic precision poverty alleviation project has effectively enabled the poor in poverty-stricken areas to get rid of poverty and become rich. It has also been affirmed and praised by governments at all levels and all walks of life. In the future, Zhongli Group will not forget the initial intention, continue to practice corporate responsibility, and help the country win the fight against poverty.