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Grasping the Party Building and Promoting Rural Revitalization Suzhou Promoting "Changshu Path"

Author: Time:2018-08-31 Hit:2970

On August 8, the Organization Department of the Suzhou Municipal Committee of Jiangsu Province issued a research report “Persist in Grasping the Party Building and Promoting the Rural Revitalization “Changshu Path”” to further summarize the relevant experience and practices of Changshu City.

In recent years, Changshu City has adhered to the guidance of Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics, and has focused on strengthening the party's leadership over rural work, fully implementing the Guben strong foundation pioneer project, and continuing to deepen the rural party building “six strong and six ahead” and “rich people”. Pioneering Action, actively promote rural party organizations and party members to be good organizers, promoters, and pioneers in realizing industrial prosperity, ecological livability, rural civilization, effective governance, and affluent life, and promote the overall progress and comprehensiveness of rural grassroots party organizations. We will effectively transform the advantages of party building into development advantages, transform the resources of party building into resources for development, transform the achievements of party building into development achievements, promote the revitalization of rural industries, promote the revitalization of the countryside, revitalize the culture, revitalize the society, and embark on the promotion of the party. The “Changshu Path” for rural revitalization.

Path 1: Highlight the leadership of the party and develop the "fixed star"

Insist on arming the mind with advanced theory

Adhere to the scientific mechanism to grasp the town

Adhere to strict measures to strengthen political functions

Path 2: Building a strong "three rural" team to train and revitalize the "leading geese"

Choosing the best “strong leader” party organization “leader”

Cultivate and expand the entrepreneurial "Pioneer"

Reciting Peiyouqiang Village Fumin "Tian Xiucai"

Path 3: Innovative Organizational Setup Find the Prosperous “Golden Key”

Innovation "Party Branch + New Agriculture"

Innovation "Party Branch + E-commerce"

Innovation "Party Branch + Rural Tourism"

Path 4: Implementing the responsibility of tackling the hardship

Strengthen the collective economy and strong service

Party members demonstrate the tie and wealth

Help the weak villages to promote poverty alleviation

Path 5: Create a core engine to build a beautiful "new home"

Strengthening rural governance

Building a civilized township

Create a livable village

Changshu City has carried out many new explorations and new creations in grasping the party building and promoting rural revitalization and promoting poverty alleviation. It has achieved good work results and provided a "changshu path" for solving the problem of agricultural and rural farmers in the new era, which brought profound Experience and revelation.

1. Always uphold the party’s leadership in the work of “agriculture, rural areas and farmers”

2. Always persist in highlighting the political function of rural party organizations

3. Always adhere to the development concept of people-centered

4. Always adhere to the innovative rural party organization and activities

5. Always adhere to the team of strong rural leaders

(Source: Changshu Party Building)