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Zhongli Group attended the "2018 Forum on Poverty Alleviation and County Development and Poverty Alleviation"

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On October 18th, the “2018 Forum on Poverty Alleviation and County Development and Poverty Alleviation” was held at the Beijing Convention Center. Under the leadership of the State Council Leading Group for Poverty Alleviation and Development, the forum was hosted by the Organizing Committee of the 2018 Poverty Alleviation Forum and hosted by the China Poverty Alleviation Volunteer Service Promotion Association. The forum aims to deepen poverty alleviation reform, service production and marketing docking, and condense social forces to help fight poverty. More than 400 people from the State Council Poverty Alleviation Office, the National Standards Committee, the Three Districts District Poverty Alleviation Office, the Industrial Poverty Alleviation Alliance and the Poverty Alleviation Working Group, experts and scholars, and media reporters attended the meeting. Hong Tianyun, deputy director of the State Council Office of Poverty Alleviation, attended the meeting and delivered a speech.

At present, photovoltaic poverty alleviation has become an important measure for industrial poverty alleviation and winning the battle against poverty. The topic of “photovoltaic poverty alleviation” has become the focus of discussion and attention of participants. As the advocate and practitioner of domestic PV poverty alleviation, this year is the third time that Zhongli Group participated in the Forum on Poverty Alleviation. Wang Baixing, Chairman of Zhongli Group, Qin Lijun, Deputy Leader of Group Poverty Alleviation Group, and Wang Weifeng, President of Tenghui Power Technology Co., Ltd. attended the meeting.

At the meeting, Wang Weifeng made a keynote speech titled “Innovative Photovoltaic Poverty Alleviation New Model for Helping Poverty Alleviation in Zhongli” Photovoltaic Farm, Sharing Zhongli “Poverty Village PV Farm” to help poor villages to get rid of poverty and promote “transfusion” Project case for poverty alleviation to “hematopoietic” poverty alleviation. He pointed out that PV poverty alleviation has always been the foundation and responsibility of Zhongli Group. Zhongli is willing to continue to make new contributions to the country's fight against poverty. "In the next three years, Zhongli Group will continue to promote village-level photovoltaic poverty alleviation. Covering 200 poverty-stricken counties and 15,000 poor villages, benefiting more poor people."

 Wang Weifeng said that the early domestic PV poverty alleviation was mainly based on centralized photovoltaic power plants, which easily caused the phenomenon of limited power generation and property rights disputes. It is difficult to guarantee the poverty alleviation income of poor households. Zhongli innovative “poverty village photovoltaic farm” poverty alleviation model, the enterprise helps the poverty-stricken counties to build the capital, and the property rights of the poverty-stricken power station after completion will be owned by the poor village collective. After the project is completed and connected to the grid, the poverty-stricken county will finance the three-year bridge loan to the policy bank to repay the enterprise's funds for construction.

 Compared with the traditional “Nongguang Complementary” project, “Poverty Village Photovoltaic Farm” applied innovative technology to raise the support of photovoltaic modules to more than 4 meters, and the span of the support piles was widened to 10 meters, achieving large-scale mechanized farming. The technology of veneer components and inclination meets 75% of the crops and achieves the cultivation of grain crops. Zhongli Photovoltaic Agricultural Research Institute provides agricultural technology support to local poor households, helping them to plant various kinds of characteristic economic crops in “photovoltaic farms”, and also drives poor farmers to farm employment, and realized “photovoltaic” for the construction of stable villages. + Agriculture + Employment" 20 years of stable income from poverty alleviation.

 Taking the “Poverty Village Photovoltaic Farm” in Lingbi County, Anhui Province as an example, Zhongli established a photovoltaic poverty alleviation platform company in accordance with the 0.5MW project in each village. Zhongli is the platform company to build a “poor village photovoltaic farm”. "The 0.5MW project in each poor village can realize the net income of more than 400,000 yuan per year for the poverty-stricken households to get rid of poverty; in addition, there are characteristic agricultural income and employment income of some farmers.

 The form of investment and construction of enterprises can solve the problem of investment and construction funds for poor households, so that poor villages can realize the benefits of poverty alleviation at an early date. However, for enterprises, if long-term capital recovery is not in place, it will cause problems for enterprise development. Wang Weifeng said at the meeting that Zhongli Group has already invested more than 5 billion yuan in construction funds for poverty-stricken counties. He hopes that the government and relevant ministries and commissions and policy banks will provide bridge loans to support poverty alleviation projects in poverty-stricken counties and support photovoltaic enterprises. Financial difficulties.

 In addition, this forum focuses on deepening poverty alleviation reform, service production and marketing docking, and helping deep poverty areas to solve production and sales problems. At the signing ceremony with the poverty alleviation project in poverty-stricken counties, Zhongli Group and Ganyuan County of Gansu signed a cooperation agreement on “Poverty Village PV Farm”.