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The director of Qinghai Provincial People's Congress and the deputy director of the State Administration of Taxation visited Qinghai Zhongli

Author: Time:2019-08-31 Hit:2538

On August 1, Mr. Liu Tongde , Qinghai Provincial People's Congress Director and his entourage visited Qinghai Zhongli to communicate with the general manager Xie Kang on the circular economy and enterprise difficulties. In the company's visit to the corridor, Xie Kang gave a detailed account of the circular economy model of Qinghai Zhongli and the upstream and downstream industries of the Asian silicon industry, the production and operation of the company, and the manufacturing of the products. Liu Tongde expressed appreciation for the company. Liu Tongde and his entourage want to pass this research and be able to maintain smooth and close communication with the company, understand the real needs of the enterprise, effectively solve problems for the enterprise, and support the development and growth of the enterprise. I hope that enterprises can be brave in innovation and maintain a good development trend. At the same time, it said that the difficulties and needs of the company will be brought back to the study to help enterprises solve practical difficulties, help enterprises to develop continuously, and make greater contributions to the economic construction of Qinghai Province.

On August 12, Zhao International, deputy director of the State Administration of Taxation and the Electronic Tax Management Center, visited the company to guide the work. General Manager Xie Kang and Deputy General Manager Li Wenjia received visitors. The purpose of Zhao International’s trip is to understand whether the reforms such as tax reduction and fee reduction and taxation bring benefits to enterprises, and whether local governments are in place in policy implementation. Xie Kang said that after the tax reform, enterprises have facilitated the related work, and the tax reduction and fee reduction policy has brought far-reaching influence to the enterprise. It is an important measure for the supply-side structural reform. Zhao International has a strong interest in the company's products when it understands the company's production and operation and product manufacturing. Xie Kang introduced the principle of production, the manufacturing process, technical background, technical problems, and the use of subsequent optical cables. Zhao International said to the accompanying staff: "To fully understand the production, operation and operation of the company, and to interpret the tax policy in detail, so that the taxpayer can be better served."