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Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Shenyang Branch Party Construction Work Research Conference

Author: Time:2019-10-31 Hit:3050

In order to improve service awareness, service spirit and service ability, on the afternoon of October 17, 2019, 70 party members and cadres of Shenyang Branch of Shanghai Pudong Development Bank went to Zhongli on the afternoon of the party’s fierce education of “not forgetting the heart and remembering the mission”. The Group's northeast production base conducts party building work, visits and exchanges.

Yu Jialun, Party Secretary of the Northeast Production Base of Zhongli Group, received the representatives of the party members of Shenyang Branch of Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, expressing their confidence in further strengthening the party building work exchanges and in-depth cooperation. Afterwards, he visited the party building work and corporate culture of Liaoning Zhongde Cable Co., Ltd. and Liaoning Zhongli Optoelectronics New Materials Co., Ltd. The employees’ full positive spirit and hard work attitude left the party members of Pudong Development Bank. deep impression.
After the visit, the party members and cadres of the Shenyang Branch of the Shanghai Pudong Development Bank conducted a special investigation meeting on the party building work at the Sino-German Business School. Yu Jialun represented the Zhongli Group's northeast production base for exchange and sharing of party building work experience.
This party building exchange activity not only highlights the needs of party building development, but also is a powerful measure to carry out the theme education of “not forgetting the original heart and keeping in mind the mission”. It will surely achieve fruitful results in the collision of ideas, ideological resonance and wisdom, and further promote the two sides. Docking and deep cooperation have pushed the party style construction to a new height.