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Private Enterprises Demonstrate Social Responsibility: Zhongli Holding Group Joins Hands with Subsidiaries to Donate 3 Million Yuan

Author: Time:2020-02-29 Hit:2964

Facing the Novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic situation, Changshu private enterprises actively fulfill their social responsibilities, actively participate in the epidemic prevention and control donation activities, and contribute their strength in winning the epidemic prevention and control war. On February 15, Changshu Private Economic Association Chairman Unit and Jiangsu Zhongli Holding Group joined hands with six subsidiaries to make a targeted donation of 3 million yuan to the municipal charity foundation.

Of the 3 million yuan that Jiangsu Zhongli Holding Group donated to Changshu Charity Foundation this time, 1.7 million yuan was donated to Huangshi City in Hubei Province to help the frontline fight against the epidemic. 600,000 yuan was donated to Changshu Novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention and control headquarters for caring and visiting frontline medical staff. 400,000 yuan was donated to the Novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention and control headquarters in shajiabang town for epidemic prevention and control work in the town. After the outbreak of the epidemic, Wang Baixing, chairman of Jiangsu Zhongli Holding Group and president of Changshu Private Economic Association, launched a donation initiative in the group's subsidiaries. The subsidiaries responded positively and took the lead in donating 300,000 yuan to Changshu Charity Foundation in their own name. The donation was directed to Huangshi, Hubei Province, to help the frontline to fight the epidemic.

Since the resumption of work, Jiangsu Zhongli Holding Group has actively done a good job in the prevention and control of epidemic situation and the resumption of work and production of enterprises to ensure stable and smooth production and operation and ensure the health and safety of all employees. At the same time, the party Committee of the group has set up a vanguard action branch of the "epidemic" line to mobilize party members and volunteers to participate in local volunteers and check the setting up of check-ups in towns, so as to consciously carry out the initial mission. Actively mobilize senior management and staff to donate money and materials for the prevention of "epidemic", organize material sympathy for medical personnel, police and volunteers fighting in the frontline of epidemic prevention, and make a contribution to the prevention and control of epidemic in the whole society. So far, China-Liberia Holding Group has donated more than 60,000 masks to Changshu and Dalate Banner in Inner Mongolia to help fight the "epidemic" with practical actions, demonstrating the social responsibility of private enterprises.