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Strictly controlling the epidemic situation and paying close attention to resuming production are the top priorities

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The sudden outbreak of a new type of coronary pneumonia affects the hearts of hundreds of millions of people. The outbreak is a command, and prevention and control is a responsibility. During this epidemic prevention and control period, Jiangsu Zhongli Group Co., Ltd. quickly established the New Coronary Pneumonia and Control Leading Group to formulate the "New Coronary Pneumonia Prevention and Control Emergency Plan", focusing on employee promotion and education, protective materials reserves, etc. "Resume Production Implementation Plan", orderly resumption, and gradually increase production capacity.
The entire group of companies worked together to implement various prevention and control measures, pay close attention to resumption of production, and contribute to the normal and orderly operation of the group company.

Committed to fight against the epidemic

Every morning after resumption of work, regardless of wind and rain, security personnel and volunteers will take temperature measurements of employees entering the company and distribute masks to ensure that the temperature of employees entering the company is not abnormal. Staff in various departments perform strict and careful disinfection every day, disinfecting the work site, inspection equipment and personal office supplies in the two time periods before normal work and in the afternoon to eliminate the risk of bacterial cross-infection. Mutually advertise the correct wearing method of the mask and the disposal measures of the discarded mask, and strengthen the inspection at ordinary times. Publicity posters and slogans for epidemic prevention are posted on the external walls of the department, and the hand-washing basin is equipped with disinfectant to remind employees to pay attention to personal protection at all times.

Mutual supervision and implementation
Colleagues in the department strictly grasped the establishment of the supervision mechanism and the inspection of the actual implementation effect, and led by example, and effectively led the implementation of the mutual supervision mechanism of the department, while creating a good atmosphere. Everyone corrects each other's irregular hand-washing methods, incorrect mask wearing methods, and carries out daily anti-epidemic work under the mechanism of mutual help, mutual assistance, and mutual supervision, and strives to ensure that everyone is an epidemic prevention member and all are combatants!
Helping each other is the correct posture to deal with the epidemic. The company ’s employees strictly implement the requirements of the group company, make unified isolation measures and nucleic acid detection for reworked workers in Hubei, strengthen the isolation management and control of the dormitory area, etc. Nine empty, can not be lost in case of defense, and jointly contribute to the fight against the epidemic.

Party members pioneer and strive to set an example
Party members and comrades actively responded to the call of the party committee of the group, played a pioneering role, and went to the "epidemic" line as volunteers to perform duty at the epidemic prevention checkpoints; spontaneously organize anti-epidemic donations and build up for the epidemic prevention work with their own perseverance, persistence and tenacity A solid and reliable line of defense has been built to protect the people.
Resumption of production and work safety
At present, it is at a critical stage of overall prevention and control of epidemic situation and resumption of production and production. It has many work clues and heavy tasks, and safety supervision needs to pay enough attention. It is also an important aspect to help the development of enterprises to go deep into the front line without going through the field, investigating hidden dangers without leaving a dead end, and building a safety production dike.
Resuming production and resuming production is accelerating, and safety production must be stepped up. Each company and department must place safety production in an important position and firmly establish the concept of safety development. Security is a matter of life and death, and we must not only focus on development and disregard security, let alone engage in formalism in supervision. It is necessary to consciously change ideas, raise awareness, implement responsibilities, and strive to eliminate every hidden danger that hinders safe production.
The majority of employees should take a responsible attitude towards the company, themselves, and their families, tighten the safety string, and always check whether the production equipment in daily operation is intact and the fire channels around them are unobstructed, and resolutely eliminate hidden dangers in the bud.
Only security can promote development. Since the outbreak, safety first and life supremacy have become the consciousness and consciousness of more and more people. Let the safety production safety nets and responsibility nets be woven denser and stronger, and better protect the company's sustainable and healthy development.
We don't know when the epidemic will end, but we firmly believe that after the epidemic has passed, you and we are all well. There is no insurmountable winter. The dark clouds will never cover the sun, and the epidemic cannot stop the coming spring!