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Zhongli Group won the 2020 ZTE "Global Best Partner" award

Author: Time:2020-11-30 Hit:2524

From November 4th to 5th, 2020, ZTE Corporation held the 2021 Global Partner Conference with the theme of "Gathering Together, Revitalizing the Future" in Shenzhen. This conference invited strategic and core suppliers from all over the world. Conduct in-depth discussions on topics such as the future of product development, technological upgrading and reform, and service enhancement strategies, and work together to explore new strategic cooperation and layout. Mr. Wang Weifeng, President of Jiangsu Zhongli Group Co., Ltd. was invited to attend.

At the conference site, Zhongli Group won the 2020 ZTE "Global Best Partner" award. ZTE is committed to building the core competitiveness of independent innovation in the 5G era. Its continuous and efficient R&D investment has established its leading position in the 5G standard, and achieved advantages in multiple dimensions such as product quality, network security, and 5G market. In a fair, transparent and compliant procurement environment, Zhongli Group keeps up with the pace of customers and proposes to focus on solutions to reduce costs, promote multi-form product planning and upgrading, increase open cooperation and make full use of more extensive resources , To handle 5G well for customers; strengthen joint technological innovation, strengthen key technology cooperation, strengthen support for key project delivery, jointly carry out new cooperation models and explorations, achieve precise and efficient supply chain coordination, and insist on sharing for customers Create superior value and win a bright future together.