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Zhongli Group won the title of Top 20 Most Competitive Enterprises in the Global Cable Industry in 2020

Author: Time:2020-12-31 Hit:2555

On December 16, the 2020 Global Cable Industry Development and Competitiveness Forum (CDC’2020) and the global cable industry’s most competitive enterprise award ceremony press conference was held in Beijing. The conference announced the 2020 top 20 most competitive companies in the global cable industry, and Jiangsu Zhongli Group Co., Ltd. won this honor.

The index system of this selection activity consists of two categories, namely, direct measurement of basic data indicators, hard indicators, indirect measurement of questionnaire data, and selection of soft indicators of project team evaluation indicators. Through an objective and systematic analysis of the competitiveness of participating companies, it faithfully reflects the current development of the global cable industry. The selection activity has been widely praised by the entire cable industry, and highly praised by industry experts and companies. Unanimously recognized.

 At the same time, the 2020 (fourteenth) global event hosted by the Optical Communications Committee of the Chinese Institute of Communications and the Asia-Pacific Optical Communications Committee, and undertaken by the Asia-Pacific Optical Communications Committee and the Network Telecommunications Information Research Institute | China Optical Communications Development and Competitiveness Forum (ODC' 2020) Global | The press conference for the award ceremony of the Top 10 Most Competitive Enterprises in China's Optical Communications was grandly held. Jiangsu Zhongli Group Co., Ltd. won the title of Top 10 Most Competitive Enterprises in China's Optical Communications in 2020.

 Since its establishment, Zhongli Group has always adhered to the values of "integrity, dedication, unity and innovation", customer-oriented, insisted on technological innovation, advocated the concept of green and environmental protection, and is committed to providing global users with faster, more reliable and environmentally friendly high-performance quality Supporting products and technical services.