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2021 Zhongli Holding Group Science and Technology Work Conference Held Grandly

Author: Time:2021-03-31 Hit:2749

On March 1, 2021, the Zhongli Holding Group’s annual technology work conference was held at the headquarters. Chen Xinxiang, Vice President of Zhongli Group, Jianyu Sun, Executive President of Zhongli Cable, Liu Yanxin, General Manager of Changzhou Cable, and vice presidents and technical departments in charge of each company. The person in charge and representatives of the Group Engineering Center attended the meeting.

At the meeting, the leaders of the group first commended the 2020 Group Science and Technology Innovation President Special Award and the Science and Technology Innovation Pioneer Award. Subsequently, each company made a summary report on the completion of the work of the science and technology line in 2020 and the work deployment in 2021; at the same time, the work conference of this year specially invited Mr.Chen Peixin, the deputy section chief of the Changshu Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, to give guidance on high-tech policies, mainly focusing on high-tech Technical enterprise application materials, certification conditions, review rules, usual management precautions and other aspects were explained in detail and wonderful, and reasonable suggestions were given to help enterprises fully understand and master the main points of applying for high-tech enterprises.

Finally, Chen Xinxiang made a concluding speech at the meeting. He proposed the following three work arrangements: 1. In the face of the new situation, each company should focus on the resolutions of the board of directors and focus on various tasks in technical lines; 2. The company’s goals and tasks, formulate work measures and methods to ensure the smooth completion of the annual goals, and emphasize the importance of invention patents, as well as the maintenance of high-tech enterprises, the acquisition of government funds, the development of new products, and the deduction of R&D expenses. The work made detailed requirements. 3. The group companies are required to do their work well in 2021, strengthen the overall coordination of technical resources of each company, gather the advantages of all parties, and form a mechanism for multi-party participation in collaborative research. Strengthen exchanges and interactions between companies, share internal resources, and jointly complete the group's annual goals. He said that the achievements of the Group's science and technology line in 2020 are hard-won and full of responsibility; the work deployment in 2021 has been fully carried out, and the Charge has been sounded. All science and technology workers must work together to continue to maintain stable growth! We firmly believe that as long as we persevere in implementing it, we will inevitably achieve a new leapfrog development!