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The board of directors of each company of Zhongli Group was held in 2022

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During the period from January 13 to 14, 2022, Zhongli Group will hold the board of directors of each company at the group headquarters. Members of the board of directors of the Group and each company attended the meeting, and the president/general manager, deputy general manager of sales, and chief financial officer of each company attended the meeting.

The current board of directors will focus on summarizing and analyzing the operating performance and technological transformation investment of each company in 2021, and realizing various measures, existing problems and work deficiencies. According to the production and operation goals and work measures of each company in 2022 arranged by the Group, the future development strategy and the main business goals for 2022 will be discussed with the board of directors and management team of each company respectively. Members of the board of directors of each company put forward suggestions and requirements. The board of directors of the group emphasized the future strategy and the main business objectives in 2022, and proposed practical and main measures.

Wang Baixing, chairman of the group, discussed development strategies with the board of directors of each company. In 2022, Zhongli Group will basically get out of the difficult predicament. Zhongli and Zhongli Group, who have experienced ups and downs since entering photovoltaic poverty alleviation, are more united and harder than ever. When General Secretary Xi Jinping put forward the strategic goal of "carbon peaking and carbon neutrality", it has greatly stimulated major historical opportunities for new energy, especially the photovoltaic industry. A new round of key development. The group's implementation measures: focus on expanding the scale operation of the photovoltaic sector. In terms of preparing production liquidity: first, innovate and implement mixed ownership development. The group and China Energy Construction Group invest in the joint venture Siyang production base. Through the mixed reform with central enterprises, the photovoltaic sector can be solved. Scale development of liquidity and reduce financial costs. The second is to reorganize the cable industry sector. The Group and Suzhou Chuangyuan Group have a joint venture with Guangdong Sino-German Cable Company, and have formally signed a joint venture contract. Chuangyuan Group holds 60% of the shares. The group can obtain part of the funds for the development of the photovoltaic industry sector and adjust the shareholding structure. Afterwards, the independent listing of Sino-German Cable can bring greater benefits to the group. The third is to reorganize the optical cable industry sector. The YOFC Zhongli Optical Cable Company, a joint venture between the group and YOFC, will expire in 20 years, and will merge 49% of the shares held by the group into YOFC. The contract has been officially signed and the share transfer has been realized to obtain part of the funds. Enrich the group's liquidity. Fourth, the group plans to do another non-public refinancing, which is currently in the preparatory stage. After the successful implementation, it can completely solve the production and operation working capital for the overall development of the group. Fifth, give full play to the advantages of Talesun Photovoltaic, on the one hand, strengthen the market development of "photovoltaic + modern agriculture", and on the other hand, signed contracts with many central enterprises such as State Power Investment Corporation, China Energy Construction, Datang, Huadian, State Grid Energy and so on. Cooperate to develop the whole county project and the "photovoltaic + modern agriculture" innovative project. At present, it has signed a reserve project of nearly 10GW in the development of photovoltaic power plants in various regions of the country. Moreover, these projects are all invested and held by central enterprises, and the central enterprises will pay the project construction funds in stages according to the project construction progress, without the need for the group to advance. This good double-win cooperation model can also enhance the project liquidity of the group's overall development, undertake large-scale EPC business of photovoltaic power plants, and increase the market share of photovoltaic module products.

Chairman Wang Baixing emphasized that to achieve the new strategic development goals in 2022, through the joint efforts of Zhongli people, we have confidence and determination. At present, including the original photovoltaic production capacity, the annual production capacity of photovoltaic modules has reached 16GW (will have sales conditions of 30 billion yuan). Since 2022, the production scale of the group will be increased year by year, and the main goal is to create good economic benefits for the group. By increasing self-raised funds, attracting capital through cooperation, and then gaining the trust and support of banks, it will become a veritable top 500 Chinese enterprises, creating common development with a win-win cooperation model, and making new contributions to local economic development and group shareholders.