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The first 5GW photovoltaic cell of Talesun Siyang Base was successfully rolled off the production line

Author: Time:2022-02-28 Hit:1470

On February 1, 2022, the first day of the Chinese New Year, good news came that the first cell of the 5GW high-efficiency large-size photovoltaic cell project of Talesun Siyang Base was successfully rolled off the production line, and Talesun’s domestic manufacturing base is accelerating the scale of large-size cells mass production era.

Talesun Siyang base project covers a total area of 408 mu. After the project is fully put into production, it is expected to produce 5GW of high-efficiency photovoltaic cells and 5GW of photovoltaic modules, as well as supporting products such as copper ribbons and junction boxes. The project also covers energy storage and Environmental management and other services.

Based on the deployment requirements of the company's overall planning, Talesun Siyang base introduced advanced automatic intelligent manufacturing equipment and process technology, built a high-quality and professional technical and operation management team, ensured the orderly progress of the base project, and accelerated the technical iteration of high-performance products Upgrade to meet the needs of global customers for high-efficiency, large-scale and cost-effective photovoltaic products.

As a first-class photovoltaic manufacturer, Talesun has leading product technology advantages and an efficient and reliable production management system. While upgrading and optimizing product size, it continuously strengthens the layout of cutting-edge photovoltaic cell/module technologies. In the future, Talesun will work with more partners to make innovations and breakthroughs in new technologies and new processes, continuously reduce costs and increase efficiency, and bring more benefits to global customers by continuously improving the conversion efficiency of cells and modules. Inject new impetus to promote the agglomeration and growth of the photovoltaic industry.