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Layout in South Africa, Talesun joins hands with ARTsolar to build local module production capacity

Author: Time:2022-03-31 Hit:1451

Recently, Talesun announced that it has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with ARTsolar, a local photovoltaic manufacturer in South Africa. The two parties will carry out all-round cooperation to build high-quality and high-efficiency localized photovoltaic module production capacity in South Africa, meet the requirements of the local government's independent power producer procurement plan (RMIPPPP) for mitigating power supply risks, and jointly tap the South African market.

Founded in Durban, South Africa in 2010, ARTsolar was founded by two entrepreneurs, Eshu Seevnarayan and Patrick Goss. It is one of the leading local PV module manufacturers in South Africa, with an annual PV manufacturing capacity of over 300MW. The company maintains close cooperation with a number of scientific research institutions, and invests a lot of money every year for technological upgrading and optimization and employee skill improvement.

"For more than ten years, we have been engaged in the manufacture of photovoltaic products, and have full confidence in the development prospects of localized manufacturing and renewable energy in South Africa; we are also pleased to see that the renewable energy industry has received continuous and strong support from the government. With the support of ARTsolar, we are about to complete the construction of a new 500MW photovoltaic production line.” said Eshu Seevnarayan, Chairman of ARTsolar. It is reported that after the new production line is put into operation, it is expected to create at least 220 new jobs for the local area.

Talesun has been deeply involved in photovoltaic manufacturing for more than ten years, and has accumulated rich experience and advantages in the fields of technology research and development, technological process, quality control and other fields. With ARTsolar this time, both parties will strive to achieve a situation of "complementary advantages, resource sharing and common development". By upgrading and optimizing ARTsolar's existing production lines, it will create high-quality, high-efficiency and large-size localized photovoltaic module products, injecting new vitality into the South African market.

In 2022, the new global photovoltaic installed capacity is expected to reach the 200GW mark, and the photovoltaic industry is in a period of major development opportunities. South Africa is rich in local wind and solar resources and has sufficient sunshine. It is a global GW-level photovoltaic market. Coupled with the South African government’s Renewable Energy Independent Power Producer Procurement Program (REIPPPP), the market demand is stimulated by electricity price bidding, which makes photovoltaics in South Africa have a broad space for development. .

    Dong Shuguang, President of Talesun, said: "Our strategic cooperation with ARTsolar will bring more and better choices to South African customers and meet the market's demand for efficient localized photovoltaic products. We will also continue to deepen photovoltaic technology with ARTsolar. Cooperation in the fields of R&D, manufacturing, and business expansion will jointly promote the upgrading and iteration of photovoltaic technology, and drive local social and economic development through green energy."