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The 2022 USA International Solar Show successfully concluded, Talesun modules are highly recognized by customers!

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From September 20 to 22, 2022, the 2022 Solar Power International Exhibition (Solar Power International), co-sponsored by the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) and the Smart Power Alliance (SEPA), was held at Anaheim Convention Center. As the largest professional solar exhibition and trade fair in North America and one of the most influential international exhibitions in the industry, more than 650 exhibitors and more than 18,000 visitors gathered in this event. At the exhibition site, Talesun with three star module products appeared at the 430 booth, which attracted wide attention.

In recent years, with the strengthening of public awareness of environmental protection and the decline of the price of renewable energy, the United States has rapidly "moved away from coal" and accelerated the opening of renewable energy generation mode. Photovoltaic power generation has gradually become one of the key investment projects of renewable energy in the United States, and the United States has therefore become the world's second largest photovoltaic market.
In this exhibition, Talesun exhibited BIPRO series, BISTAR series, a total of 3 module products. With its distinctive, outstanding appearance caused the strong interest and wide attention of the exhibitors, become the focus of the exhibition.
Ground power stations reduce costs and increase efficiency
The combination of an efficient PERC double-sided battery and a robust double-glass structure, coupled with a superposed slicing process, significantly improves the power generation efficiency of the module and effectively reduces the risk of cracking and hot spots while steadily improving efficiency. In addition to the high reliability of the product, it also has the core advantages of high efficiency, high power, low voltage, low BOS cost, low LCOE, etc. The first year attenuation is less than 2%, and the component efficiency is up to 21.3%, which is the most cost-effective choice for large ground power stations.
All black efficient visual shock
BISTAR TP7F54M(H)-Full Black
Talesun BISTAR series of all-black modules, both high appearance level and high performance. The components adopt a unified dark crystal silicon cell, the integration of pure black design, low-key and atmospheric. Applicable to the aesthetic requirements of villa roof, landscape enclosure, photovoltaic shed and other scenes, can well meet the needs of customers on the appearance of components, overall improve the aesthetic effect of photovoltaic system. At the same time, this component is small, occupies a small area, the application scheme is flexible, and the overall coordination and collocation of the building, high appearance level and excellent power generation performance to bring the ultimate installation experience.
Outstanding strength in harsh environment
Talesun BIPRO series double-sided double-glass half-piece module adopts 182mm battery with the highest power of 550W. It has excellent stability, high wear resistance and weather resistance, and is specially designed for extreme application environments such as snow, desert and saline land. It is highly suitable for areas with high humidity and strong wind and sand, and its power generation capacity remains outstanding under low light.
In this exhibition, Talesun module exhibits shine, a total of three modules have their own characteristics, can show their skills in different application scenarios, cost reduction effect is significant, highlighting the "hard power" of high efficiency and quality. Talesun booth consultation, negotiation merchants and professional visitors came in an endless flow, a lot of customers at the site for detailed consultation, hope to conduct in-depth cooperation through this opportunity.
In the first half of 2022, the U.S. installed 4.2GW of new photovoltaic capacity, the Energy Information Administration (EIA) reported. In the second half of 2022, with new local renewable energy projects coming online and the decommissioning of coal, natural gas and nuclear power plants, the installed PV capacity is expected to reach 17.8GW, with a wide market space. Companies with overseas integrated capacity will be the first to benefit from tariffs and silicon constraints.
Talesun began to engage in photovoltaic manufacturing business in 2011, and was listed as a global Tier 1 module supplier by Bloomberg New Energy Finance since 2015. In 2018, Talesun was ranked among the top 10 global module suppliers. In recent years, Talesun has won the favor of domestic and foreign markets with its high-quality, efficient and highly reliable module products. Its sales network is spread all over the world, and it has a large number of high-quality overseas customers and partners, which has a good sales prospect in the international market.
The three-day International Solar Exhibition in the United States came to a successful conclusion, but Talesun's technological innovation did not stop. In the future, Talesun Solar will continue to improve its independent core technology level, keep up with the development trend of the photovoltaic industry, do a meticulous job in every product, as always to bring quality and intimate service to global customers, and contribute to the global energy transformation.