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Talesun has been awarded the title of National Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprise!

Author: Time:2023-01-31 Hit:374

Recently, the National Intellectual Property Administration announced the evaluation results of 2023 National Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprises and Demonstration Enterprises. Suzhou Talesun Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as " Talesun ") was awarded the National Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprise!

"National Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprises" are enterprises with independent intellectual property capabilities, actively carrying out intellectual property protection and application, establishing comprehensive intellectual property management systems and mechanisms, and possessing comprehensive intellectual property capabilities in the key industrial fields developed by national and local intellectual property bureaus. The evaluation of Talesun this time also represents a new level of innovation and intellectual property work for Talesun!
Talesun attaches great importance to intellectual property work. In recent years, the company has made new breakthroughs in intellectual property protection through standardized management of intellectual property, strengthened the utilization of intellectual property information, improved the internal intellectual property management and protection system, and elevated the strategic level of intellectual property rights in the company. The company passed the intellectual property certification in 2016, established a comprehensive intellectual property management system, and established an organizational framework for intellectual property operation and management led by the CEO. It involves multiple departments such as research and development, procurement, production, sales, and human resources, and has developed multiple management systems and processes such as the Intellectual Property Management Work Manual, Patent Management Measures, and Trademark Management and Protection Measures, And establish an independent intellectual property management department. In recent years, the company has applied for more than 600 patents and has currently authorized 96 invention patents and 10 PCT patents. In 2017, the company was awarded the National Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise, and in 2018 and 2019, the company continuously won the Excellent Award of the China Patent Award. In 2022, it was awarded the Excellent Award of the First Jiangsu Provincial Patent Award and other honors.
Talesun will take the opportunity of becoming a "National Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprise" in the future, further strengthen the management of intellectual property throughout the entire process and all elements, adhere to innovation as the guide, focus on high-quality intellectual property management, strengthen service level, product quality, management ability, etc., and provide strong guarantees for the "Chinese Photovoltaic" brand to go global.