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Photoelectric New Material Project of Zhongli Science and Technology Group (Liaoning) Based Successfully

Author: 中利科技 Time:2015-08-31 Hit:14179

9:18, 12th June, Zhongli Science and Technology Group (Liaoning) held the foundation stone laying ceremony of photoelectric new material project. The project is a joint venture of Changshu Zhonglian Photoelectric New Material Co., Ltd and Zhongli Science and Technology Group (Liaoning) that covers an area of about 140 mu, total construction area of 4.7 square meters.

Guan Jinhua, the standing deputy general manager of Zhongli Science and Technology Group (Liaoning), hosted the foundation stone laying ceremony. The director of Tieling County Industrial Park, subprefect of Tieling County – Wang Damin attended the ceremony.

In the first place, the general manager of Changshu Zhonglian photoelectric and new material co., LTD, Feng Jianxin gave a speech: Zhongli Liaoning photovoltaic andnew material co., LTD was founded under the cooperation of Changshu zhonglian photoelectricand new material co., LTD and Zhongli (Liaoning) company with unified deployment of Zhongli Science and Technology Group. It’s great honor of Zhonglian to establish the northeast production base in Tieling as one of the five industry sectors of Zhongli Group. At the same time, he thanked for the support and help from TielingYaobao Town’s government and colleges of Zhongli Liaoning.

The ceremony of Zhongli Liaoning photovoltaic and new material project was hold successfully which marked the opening of a bright new page of Northeast high polymer material industry, and will have profoundimpact on the economic development of Tieling.