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Wang Zhengpu, Vice Minister of Committee of Organization of CPP’s Liaoning Provincial branchinspected ZhongLi (Liaoning) company and gave advices.

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Wang Zhengpuinspected the company's cable plant and continuous casting and rolling plant, and checked the company's production operations. At the R & D center, Wang Xiange introduced the company's development and future development planningin recent years to the inspecting team, after Wang listening to the report, he expressed concern over ZhongLi (Liaoning)’s development,then the team inspected the Product booth, Wang Zhengpu learned the company's new product development carefully, as well as the direction of cable applications, he pointed out: In the copper beating aluminum situation,  we need to increase the ability of technology research and development, continue to tap the potential for development, and develop more new aluminum products, improve market competitiveness.