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Dr. Wei Qingzhu was honored two titles by Suzhou and Changshu government

Author: Time:2016-02-29 Hit:1747

Recently,after the election done by relevant departments organization Dr. Wei Qingzhu was honored the title of  the "2014 ~ 2015 annual Changshu outstanding professional and technical workers" and "ideals and contributions" technological innovation "Distinguished Engineer". Dr.Wei Qingzhui was honored by the title of  "Changshu outstanding professional and technical workers", "ideals and contributions" technological innovation "Distinguished Engineer", which is not only a positive response to the national policy of encouraging "public entrepreneurship and innovation" in practice activities, but also aware more local enterprises to actively build technology innovation mechanism to train more highly skilled stuff, and actively carry out scientific and technological exchange activities and cooperation so as to gather business intelligence to participate in the full practice of innovation, accelerate the pace of transformation and the pace of play a leading role in creating a good atmosphere. Wei Qingzhu, graduated from the Shanghai Institute of Technical of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, now working in Zhongli Teng-hui as the director of technology research and development, and also work as a part-time professorin Changshu Institute of Technology. Wei Qingzhu has long been engaging in developing efficiency crystalline silicon solar cells and related applications product development and production line management in technological innovation at the forefront of the domestic photovoltaic industry, promoting the development of the whole industry, leading industry technology direction, and catching up with international advanced level. As a project manager and technical director, he assumed6 provincial and municipal science and technology projects, led the team to develop more than 20 new productsin recent years, won 10 patents, has 14 high-level papers published in academic journals above the provincial, and was awarded one Changshu Municipal Science and technology progress Award, 2 Suzhou Municipal Science and technology progress, provided important technical support for the development of the company.