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ZhongLi Talesun developed a technological innovation

Author: Time:2016-04-30 Hit:2316
 Recently, ZhongLi Talesun got the “Suzhou Municipal Science and Technology Progress Award” and "Changshu Municipal Science and Technology Progress Award" With its independent research and technological innovation which show that company’s ability of technology innovation has stepped into a new level.

This innovation is able to improve the efficiency of double-glass components, reduce production costs and enhance the competitiveness of our products. Traditional components can be affected easily by the  environment, terrain and other conditions in the application constraints. This new product with this innovation has excellent weather resistance performance and the adjustable light transmission rate features,  which make it applicable for more occasions, can be widely used in agriculture optical / Fishing / complementary projects such as animal husbandry, light, can also be applied with a certain light transmittance requirements for roof , vegetable greenhouses and other projects, especially for extreme climatic conditions, so we believe that this new products has a very good market.

Zhou Jianxin the president of ZhongLi Talesun believes that being rewarded of Science and Technology Progress Award inspires the scientists continue to develop new innovations to make our products more actively serve the overall economic and social development, we should pay more effort to promote technological innovation, push the scientific and technological achievements to be practical technologies in the production, we should try to make more breakthroughs.  Enterprises should further strengthen the dominant position of technological innovation, increase technological and competitive advantages, to make more contributions for the process of  industrial restructuring and upgrading.