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Learning sincerely, fulfilling ourselves—“Mainstay Plan” Training Class Studied in Changzhou Marine Cable Co., Ltd.

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Since the “Mainstay Plan” training class of Zhongli Sci-Tech began in May, all the students devoted themselves into learning enthusiastically, and they have completed FDT Leads the Health of Organization, Practical Training of Project Management, Organizational Behavior those three lessons.

On August 6th and 7th, training class went to the Changzhou Marine Cable Co., Ltd. to continue the Management Training of Middle Managers, and eight middle managers of CMC were invited to take part in the training. During the two days’ teaching process, the eight middle managers focused on role reception and management responsibility, mastering management communications, team construction and spirit, team target and effective execution, effective implementation and delegation skills, training and guiding subordinates. In the two days’ training, on the one hand, students learnt some important knowledge points which were helpful to the latter management. On the other hand, training class provided a communication platform for middle managers both in Zhongli Sci-Tech and CMC. Through case and after-class discussion, managers in the two companies clarified own comments and learnt experience from each other.

During the training, students visited workshops of CMC to learn more about the products, field management and experience.

In order to improve brother companies, so the two companies took the opportunity to hold a friendly game of football. The two side members both had clear divisions and cooperated tacitly. This game was not only very intense but also very friendly, and it showed the determined spirit of the team.