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Zhongli Group application mode of innovation‘Intelligent phoyovoltaic+scientific agricluture’---Largely promote the healthy and orderly development of the "front-runner" project

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A good rain after a long drought. A fine rain has relieved much of the summer heat, and the cool air brings fresh hope to people with the fragrance of the earth. May 22-May 23, the 2nd China solar pv + innovation development BBS and the base experience meeting in datong city, Shanxi Province. It is held by Beijing guofa smart energy technology research institut, city government,  and China reform newspaper ‘energy development’: and guided by National development and reform commission, national energy administration, shanxi provincial development and reform commission,the general hospital for water and hydropower planning and design.  The conference focused on the theme of "cross-border integration and green development". Through the opening speech, keynote speeches, high-end dialogue, closed-door discussions and other forms, the government, enterprises and institutions to communicate communication platform, attracted about 500 From the relevant state departments, industry experts, photovoltaic upstream and downstream enterprises, industry associations, testing organizations, certification units and related mainstream media and other related parties. Participants to discuss the status of the development of the industry, thinking the future direction of the industry, a total of cross-border integration, for the development of photovoltaic industry offer good policy.

Zhongli fully launched the "poverty-stricken village PV farm" precision poverty alleviation project   

Jiangsu Zhongli Group Co., Ltd. was invited as the co-sponsor of the meeting to participate in this meeting. On the first day of the forum, Mr. Chen Jie, President of Suzhou Tenghui Photovoltaic Technology Co., Ltd., was invited to attend the conference and delivered a keynote speech at the exchange of "PV + Power China Economic Development and Energy Revolution" Chen Jie talked about: Talesun carefully built the world's first smart PV + science and technology agriculture, leading the development of the industry, in the full implementation of the poor village of PV farm Baoxian poverty alleviation project has a wealth of practical experience. Zhongli "poor village photovoltaic farm" technological innovation: the PV stent pile from the span of 10 meters, the assembly height of 4 meters, to meet the agricultural mechanization operation. In the PV module veneer installation, tilt and other technologies, but also to meet the crop sunshine sunshine conditions, to achieve the simultaneous development of photovoltaic grafting agriculture.

Zhongli "poverty-stricken village PV farm" to implement operational security: Zhongli Group initiated the establishment of 10 billion PV Poverty Alleviation Industry Fund, no poverty village out of a penny for the poor village photovoltaic farm project borrowed 20% of the capital, combined with policy banks to provide 80 % Poverty alleviation loans, built "PV farm" property owned by poor villages, so that poor villages have their own power plants + specialty farms, to achieve 25 years of superposition of income out of poverty Zhongli Group to promote the "poor village PV farm" project: last year, the State Council Poverty Alleviation Office organized by the "10.17 Poverty Alleviation Forum" that day signed 15 poor counties "Bao County Poverty Alleviation" agreement, the current total of more than 40 poor counties Of the Pao County Poverty Alleviation Agreement

Zhongli "poverty-stricken village photovoltaic farm" income stability: as a poverty-stricken village PV farm, with a total investment of about 2.8 million yuan. According to the current national PV price, PV (average) income of about 520,000 yuan / year; while the following agriculture, planting herbs, Tibetan medicine, oil with peony, soilless cultivation, special breeding, to achieve the characteristics of agriculture Net income of more than 50,000 yuan / year, the cumulative annual income of about 57 million. Look at the expenditure, according to the capital of the income (including bank loans), according to 15 years equal repayment, interest payments, the annual return of about 180,000 yuan to pay interest of about 60,000 yuan, operation and maintenance costs about 40,000 yuan, The annual total expenditure of about 280,000 yuan, according to different types of light areas were about 150,000 yuan to 20 million poor poverty alleviation benefits

In addition, the poor village of PV farms can provide poor farmers employment of about 30 people, the implementation of the village land "village enterprises cooperative farm" development, can provide poor peasant employment (2 / mu) about 200 people, to achieve 20 years of farm wages out of poverty Get rich.

In the "poor village photovoltaic farm" unified norms: unified lending, unified repayment, unified model, unified management.

The "Smart PV + Technology Agriculture" model, which has been developed by Zhongli Group, has broken through the limitations of traditional "agricultural light complementarity" only for Xiyin crop and aquaculture industry. It has successfully realized the application of rice and wheat and other food crops. The photovoltaic industry and modern agriculture, the organic integration of the new format, to promote the agricultural production and farmers to increase income, creating a "revenue-based" new path of poverty alleviation. China 

advanced technology and application model innovation to promote the "leader" base project healthy and orderly development

Forum the next day to "leader plan implementation effect and development direction" as the theme of the exchange meeting, Lee Lee Energy Technology Co., Ltd. President Lou Li was invited to participate in the forum and delivered a keynote speech. At the meeting, he introduced the full-chain industry company, which made the establishment, development, storage, distribution and sale of the five-in-one industry, followed the energy transformation opportunity, continued to explore the advanced technology and application mode innovation, and the financial industry capital, To solve the advanced technology of superposition and intelligent operation and maintenance, to achieve more reliable, optimize the cost, high control of the overall solar energy solutions, and application model innovation, and promote the "leader" base project healthy and orderly development.

At the same time, Lou Liqi introduced the invention of the "smart photovoltaic + technology agriculture" innovative projects in the technological innovation, innovation and innovation highlights the advantages of innovative projects. Zhongli Group will be intelligent photovoltaic and scientific and technological agriculture to effectively combine the use of intelligent photovoltaic cloud center monitoring system, automatic spraying, automatic irrigation and fertilization, innovation and efficient agriculture, a variety of farming organic combination of the liberation program, a substantial increase in land Utilization, to fill the gaps at home and abroad. In the group of "smart photovoltaic + science and technology agriculture" innovation to lead the world PV farm model, not only truly realized the wisdom of agriculture, pollution-free agriculture, but also to achieve innovation and industry integration, expansion of photovoltaic + industry poverty alleviation comprehensive society, economic benefits, the formation of intelligent photovoltaic + Characteristic agriculture + sightseeing tourism + peasant employment surplus income poverty alleviation.

Finally, Lou Lizheng hope that the application model of the Group can be in the leader of the base project to be widely promoted and applied. At the same time hope that the poverty alleviation of the country, the people, the benefit of the state-level sunshine project can be bigger and stronger for the country "precision poverty alleviation" cause help.

At the end of the forum, Mr. Wang Baixing, Chairman of Zhongli Group and Mr. Lou Liqi, President of Zhongli Energy Technology Co., Ltd., were invited to participate in the closed meeting of the "Leader Base Experience Exchange", and the leaders of the meeting, and the guests made suggestions for the future development of the PV industry. "PV +" the future is not "1 + 1 = 2" so simple, in the country's first photovoltaic leader demonstration base, people see is in the mining subsidence area, "PV +" innovation for the photovoltaic industry Healthy development has brought the spark of thought, so that "PV +" to bring more people can not imagine the infinite possibilities.