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red boat spirit"

Author: Time:2016-07-31 Hit:1754

July 9, ZhongLi science and technology group’s first party branch went to the Chinese Communist Party Party’s holy city, South Lake in Jiaxing to carry out education activities day.

South Lake in Jiaxing is famous not only because of the beautiful scenery of the prestigious, but also for the place to held the first National Congress of the Communist Party of China which is very much important for the victory, which make the place grab much worldwide attention, this is the birthplace of the Communist Party of China, also the important memorial place in china’s revolution history.

We went to the South Lake to visit “YanyuLou” building and the ship where the meeting was held, the scene there was very poetic, but the ship where the  big meeting was held was solemn. Then, we went to South Lake revolutionary memorial hall to learn about the history: exploring the road of saving the nation from extinction, the establishment of the Chinese Communist Party, the new democratic revolution, construction socialism new China, insisit the road of socialism with Chinese characteristics. Everybody watched and enlightenment along the footprint year relive the glory of found a party, feel the revolutionary hardships, understand the spirit of the new era of red boat, underwent a profound spiritual baptism. We once again feel the glorious history of the CPC, more cherish the memory of revolutionary martyrs, the great achievements, more firmly believe that, without the Communist Party, there would be no new China; only the Communist Party and lead people to achieve independence, liberation, happiness and prosperity.

General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized the "red boat" spirit is the source of the spirit of the Chinese Revolution: an epoch-making, dare to the pioneering spirit; firm mind, spirit to struggle; the establishment of the party for the public and loyalty for the people of dedication. We came to the South Lake, the red boat, especially to deeply understand the general secretary Xi Jinping important exposition on the "red boat spirit".

Through the education activities, CCP party members’ awareness of importance of themselves has been enhanced, in the future we will continue to learn "two learn and one action ", and do well the implementation.