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Learn etiquette

Author: Time:2016-07-31 Hit:1732
 China is known as the nation of etiquette, etiquette is considered to be a personal moral cultivation, and business etiquette is the common requirements of business activities of appearance and manners. To further enhance the employee's personal qualities, and understand the basic requirements of business etiquette, in July 16 ZhongLi Science and technology carried out the business etiquette training, marketing personnel, technology development, technical service personnel, logistics personnel and other offices sent in total of 62 employees to participate in.

Courses mainly teaches the personal etiquette, manners etiquette training, reception etiquette and etiquette four modules, covering the grooming, meet the customer, receiving visitors, introductions, norms boarding, accompanied by guide, seating etiquette, table taboo etc. business etiquette. Through the introduction and training of vivid teaching, case, let the students can more easily grasp the basic business etiquette requirements, understand the basic points of different occasions, different nationalities of the customer reception and the matters needing attention.

Business etiquette plays a more and more important role in work and in daily life, the training is carried out not only to enhance the employee's self-cultivation, but also to help employees do well in all the social interaction, and improve interpersonal relationship; from the point of view of the enterprise, but also to beautify the corporate image, improve customer satisfaction and reputation.