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ZhongLi science and technology successfully held the firefighting skills competition

Author: Time:2016-07-31 Hit:1989
 In the morning on July 7th, ZhongLi organized a fire fighting skills competition. The competition invited the fire-fighting office of Shajiabang town, safety supervision office and other relevant leaders for on-site guidance. In addition, the company also organized all the department managers, workshop managers, team leader and employees’ representative to participate, a total of 110 people.

This firefighting skills competition is mainly divided into two parts. The first stage is fire extinguisher using match, with the starting sound, participants, two people a group started the game, first they run 5 meters to get fire extinguishers, then opened the fire extinguisher while running, rushed 20 meters to oil tank which is on fire, until the fire goes out, went to 5 meters will fire extinguishers placed in designated areas to complete the entire game project. Timing personnel according to the registration of each participating personnel ranking. Shoot down the second project for fire hydrant water exercises competition, first of all by Sha Jia Bang Zhen fire do Su Shuming director demo fire hose connection as well as the use of outdoor fire hydrant, team member for two people in a group, prime minister from the starting point run 5 meters, then the two division of labor, a man brought a hose ran to the fire hydrant, another two hose connection with another hose forward run, then gun head, Sheung Shui, water to be ejected from the gun head, set the goal is to finish the race, is also in a way of counting discharge position. This event to fire hydrants holds the contest by the heat of all participating personnel holding, the climax of the whole fire skills competition and ignite the enthusiasm of all participants.

This fire skills competition, enhanced the staff’s awareness to respond to emergencies fire emergency capacity, as well as the awareness of fire safety, the company will continue to carry out similar fire safety activities in the future.