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    AAC and ACSR are suitable for aerial power lines.


Technical characters


1. It should comply with the calculation of the standard tensile force. 2. It should comply with process requirements of pitch and direction of lay in GB1179. 3. It should comply with the standards specified in delivery length, but agreed to by the demand side, can allow stranded conductor delivery in any length. 4. Product surface should be round and smooth, no scratches, no oil, no snake shape, exposing the inner dip mold and other defects. High voltage transmission and distribution lines for long-distance, large span of Crossing the River, lake, mountain and laying environment should be enhanced ACSR.




Type   Specification(Conductor nominal cross-section mm22   Standard
LJ、LJX   16~800   GB/T1179-1999
LGJ、LGJF、LGJXX   10/2~800/100   GB/T1179-1999