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Electric Characters of Railway Digital Signal Cable

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    This cable is suitable for transmitting control information and energy, connecting between related equipment and control equipment in railway signal system, realize 1 MHz(analong signal), 2Mbit/s(digital signal) with rated voltage up to 750V A.C. or 110V D.C. The cable is suitable for fixed installation along railway electrified section or non-electrified section.. Standards: TB/T 3100-2004 (Single Cable for Railway ).


Technical characters


1.Environmental temperature range for application of cable -40℃~60℃.The laying temperature will not lower than -10℃.
2. The long-term working temperature for cable conductor will not more than 70℃.
3. Quad shielding-Al sheathed cable has good shielding properties. This cable for railway is suitable for installation along electrified section of trunk line or in other strong power interference section.
4. The quad shielding metal tape Al-sheath and armoring steel tape at both ends of cable and cable joints must have good and reliable earthing. At this condition, cross-talk protection between cable must good when faulty pairs of quad in different shielding earthed.
5. Bending radius of cable should not less than 20 times of cable outer diameter.
6. Termite, bite-repellent, flame-retardant product may be supplied according to requirements of customers.