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Point Transponder Cable

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    It is suitable for connect of the point responder and LEU electronic unit, transmit a message data information and power cables. It can be used in the different sections of the railway electrification and non-electrified. Standards: TB/T 3100.6-2008 .


Technical characters


1. At the same time it can meets the transmission requirements of the audio signal and signal.
2. It has stable signal transmission performance.
3. 4-wire-set shield cable group has small crosstalk performance.
4. Bending radius is not less than 15 times of cables diameter.
5. It has shielding performance, can be used for setting the shielded cable railway electrification section..
6. Aluminum sheathed cables with good shielding effect can be used for railway electrification section of the trunk or strong electromagnetic interference region





Note: Type A is single aluminum sheath shield. Type B is double aluminum sheath shield