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Railway Digital Signal Cable

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    It is applied to the railway signal transmission, audio signal with the rated voltage AC 500V or 1000V DC or below, and some fixed wired optical cable used for automatic equipments. It can be used in electrified railway and passenger dedicated lines. It has plastic sheath, Al sheath and composite sheath three models nearly 30 specifications. Termite, flame-retardant, freeze resistance and a variety of performance products may be supplied according to requirements of customers.


Technical characters


1. The environmental temperature of the cable is -40℃~+60℃. The laying temperature of PVC outer sheath cable should be not less than 0℃, PE outer sheath cable should be not less than -10℃.
22. The long working temperature for cable conductor will not be more than +70℃.
3. The bending radius of cable: non-armored cable should be not less than 10 times of cable out diameter, armored cable should be not less than 15 times of cable out diameter.
4. The cable has excellent shield performance. It can be laid in soil, grooves and ducts, it can take large external mechanical forces.


Product Specifications


Electrical performance