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Structural Engineer

Author: Time:2014-07-22 Hit:1755

Work contents:

    1. Design photovoltaic phalanx stent suit for the ground or roof according to PV power generation system solutions and the field survey, and develop new members if necessary.

    2. Guide the system installation of bracket and other parts of the bracket.

    3. Provide secure methods to calculate.

    4. Design construction drawings that are associated with PV array.




    1. Bachelor’s degree and more, major in structure, civil engineering or mechanical.

    2. More than 2 years’ working experience in structure design.

    3. Familiar with structural principles and related specifications.

    4. Experienced in the design and construction of solar PV system architecture.

    5. Good at English listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.

    6. Proficiency in the use of CAD, solid work, Word, Excel, PPT or other related software.

    7. Priority solar system practitioners.

    8. Good health, can adapt to frequent business trips.



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Closing Date

    31st, December, 2015.