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Electrical Engineer (Design)

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Work contents:

    1. According to power station project plan, give proposals.

    2. Accomplish technical principles designs in accordance with the requirements of project.

    3. Responsible for the design of PV system and electric scheme.

    4. Responsible for the design of large high-voltage grid-connected PV power plant and related equipment as well as the design of working drawings. Participate in the design disclosure of the construction project.

    5. Communicate with electricity sector in technology, write a list of major equipment and electrical materials and provide technical specification. Be responsible for project tendering and technical support work. Participate in the purchasing inspection and assessment of electrical equipment and the aftermarket service.

    6. Guide the electrical installation and commission of the project and confirm for on-site technical changes.

    7. Pay attention to the development trend of electric design in the industry, and be responsible for the improvement of the electrical part of the engineering.




    1. Bachelor’s degree and more, major in Power, Electrical Engineering or Mechanical and Electrical integration.

    2. More than 3 years’ working experience in the professional, and is able to meet the design of electrical professional once or two times, lighting and earthen system.

    3. Prior to those who are familiar with or have the ability to master the relevant management procedures and requirements.

    4. Familiar with high and low voltage distribution system and related products.

    5. Familiar with national industry standards in low-voltage electrical and inverter.

    6. Familiar with the design of power transmission and distribution system and high and low voltage power distribution system. Be able to carry on the selection of high and low voltage electrical related products. Having working experiencein an electric power design institute is preferred.

    7. Good at English listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.

    8. Proficiency in the use of CAD, solid work, Word, Excel, PPT or other related software.

    9. Good health, can adapt to frequent business trips.



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    31st, December, 2015