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Race against time to produce, work together to deliver

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On February we were celebrating China's most important festival – the Spring Festival, also we enjoyed our  first holiday in New Year, the ZhongLi Sci-Tech Group Cp., Ltd happened to have a emergency order to finish during that time, in order to ensure timely delivery of products, electricity cables production line immediately launched emergency solutions and organized group leaders to communicate to make contingency production program.

Many staff were back in home for the holidays, we ran into staff shortages, so  the team leader and the technical worked as in the frontline, we were lack of stuff in the cabling production line so Su YongJun , the manager of modules department asked voluntarily to fulfill the empty, the head of wrapping and arming production line , Huo Weiming ,worked in the frontline voluntarily ,and so were the director of other production lines such as Bo Jianliang, Chen Xuegen, Ni Jugen, Peng Huidong from the Sheathing production line ,

What’s more , Project Manager Zhang Zhaoyang gave up his vacation to solve the technical problems ,and Technical Engineer Cai Jianrong worked together with the quality team to test every the workshop.

On the third day of the New Year, Wei Hong, vice president of the company on behalf of the leadership visited the workshop to greeting employees who were working overtime, and sent New Year's blessing, as well as asked about the production schedule. With the effort of all the staff who were working overtime, Power cable production line successfully finished order and delivered in time which Fully embodies the spirit of ‘Race against time to produce, work together to deliver’.