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Liaoning Provincial Committee, political and legal committee secretary Li Wenzhang and his team visited ZhongLi (Liaoning)

Author: Time:2016-07-31 Hit:8397
 July 7, Li Wenzhang ,member of the Standing Committee of Liaoning provincial Party committee, politics and Law Committee Secretary  Wu Yesong ,Tieling Municipal Party committee secretary, city politics and Law Committee Secretary Wei Wen, municipal Party committee secretary Long Li Jun and others, went to ZhongLi (Liaoning) for inspection and investigation, high-level leadership in ZhongLi (Liaoning), general manager of the company Guan Jinghua, deputy general manager Wang Xianji and others accompanied.

Li first visited the company's R&D center, Guanjinghua  introduced the basic situation in (Liaoning) and recent years’ development, after this they visited the company's production workshop. Development of ZhongLi (Liaoning) company has been fully affirmed.

Finally, the team asked about the new energy projects, and encouraged them to continue to expand scale of construction, also called on all levels of government departments to give support, to put forward ZhongLi (Liaoning)’s development to higher level.