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Wang Baixing, Chairman of Zhongli Group won the \"2018 Top Ten New Energy People of the Year\"

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    On December 12th, the "2018 International Energy Summit Forum and the 8th Global Top 500 New Energy Enterprises Summit" jointly hosted by China Energy News and China Energy Economic Research Institute was held in Beijing. The theme of this forum is “Towards a new journey of energy transformation in the past”, aiming at the development trend of the pulse industry and promoting energy transformation and transformation. On the summit forum, “2018 Top Ten New Energy People of the Year” was grandly announced, and Wang Baixing, Chairman of the Zhongli Group, was awarded the honor.

    "2018 Top Ten New Energy People of the Year" was jointly launched by China Energy News, China Energy Research Institute, China Renewable Energy Society, China Photovoltaic Industry Association and other industry authorities, from exemplary, innovative, influential, Four aspects of contribution, assessing the exemplary and guiding nature of the candidates in the industry, and their contribution to the economy and society, and good credibility, etc., aiming to make outstanding contributions to promoting the development of clean energy and the development of new energy. People and pay tribute to these leaders who have contributed to the transformation and development of the new energy industry.
    In his speech, Wang Baixing said that it is a great honor to receive the top ten new energy figures. Thanks to the organizers and the community for their support to the photovoltaic industry, and the recognition and concern of Zhongli Group. We will continue to innovate and develop and make new contributions to the realization of the Chinese dream of green mountains and green mountains.

Wang Baixing introduced the achievements and experience of Zhongli Group in the application of “photovoltaic + agriculture” and photovoltaic poverty alleviation. He said that since Zhongli Group entered the photovoltaic field in 2010, it has always attached great importance to the application innovation of photovoltaic power plants. By 2015, the development of photovoltaic power plants has exceeded 4 GW, but the biggest bottleneck for the development of photovoltaic power plants is land. Therefore, Zhongli Group has launched the “Smart PV + Technology Agriculture” project and successfully realized the cultivation of rice, wheat, corn and other food crops. At present, 1.3 GW has been built in China, and more than 400 MW has been built in Argentina, Thailand, Africa and other countries. Wang Baixing firmly believes that the future development of photovoltaics must be combined with agriculture to have a broader market.

    Wang Baixing said that this year is 40 years of China's reform and opening up and the 30th year of Zhongli Group's development. Our private enterprises have continued to grow and develop under the guidance of the party's reform and opening up policy. Therefore, we have never forgotten to repay the society and help the poor areas to share the innovation and innovation of reform and opening up is our social responsibility.
    In 2016, Zhongli Group innovated and launched the “Poverty Village PV Farm” precision poverty alleviation project. So far, it has helped 73 poverty-stricken counties across the country to build “poverty village photovoltaic farms”, achieving accurate poverty alleviation for more than 800,000 poor people. The poverty alleviation model of “poor village photovoltaic farms” is funded by enterprises in poverty-stricken counties. After completion, the “photovoltaic farms” property rights belong to collectively owned by poor villages, which solves the problems of difficult investment, difficult employment and more difficult innovation in poor villages. Each poverty-stricken village will build a 0.5 megawatt “photovoltaic farm” with an average annual income of more than 400,000 yuan. Together with the benefits of characteristic agriculture, each poor village can achieve more than 120 stable populations with 25 years of stable income and get rid of poverty. 
   Entered the photovoltaic industry for 8 years and experienced ups and downs, making photovoltaic an important pole of Zhongli's commercial landscape. . From the construction of photovoltaic power plants, to the "photovoltaic +" application mode transformation, to the photovoltaic precision poverty alleviation, the innovative "poor village photovoltaic farm" has allowed thousands of households to embark on the road to prosperity. The election of "Top Ten New Energy People of 2018" is not only an endorsement of Wang Baixing's personal efforts by Zhongli Group Chairman, but also a high recognition of Zhongli Group's innovation and positive change on the road of development.
   In the same period, the Summit Forum also released the “Top 20 Global New Energy Enterprises Top 500 List”. Zhongli Group won 45 “2018 Global New Energy Enterprises Top 500 List”, which is 4 places higher than the 2017 list. The “Global Top 500 New Energy Enterprises” selection is based on international practices. The new energy companies’ operating income for the previous year is based on the standard, and the RMB is a unit of measurement. It has high authority and credibility in the industry.