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Great love! Talesun sends anti-epidemic materials to overseas employees

Author: Time:2020-04-30 Hit:3204

Face the epidemic situation, Talesun helped regardless of foreign countries. The overseas epidemic situation is becoming more and more serious. Talesun has overcome various difficulties such as shortage of medical materials, poor logistics overseas, and increased logistics costs, and delivered epidemic prevention materials for employees located overseas to solve the urgent need.

Since the outbreak of the New Coronary Pneumonia epidemic, Talesun has always paid attention to the development of the epidemic, actively fulfilled its corporate social responsibilities, and contributed to the fight against the epidemic by donations, donations, and equipment donations. As early as the outbreak in China, Mr. Wang Baixing, the chairman of the board of directors of the group, together with the subsidiaries of Zhongli Holdings Group, donated 3 million yuan to the epidemic-prone areas in Hubei Huangshi city and other regions to support the prevention and control of the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic. At present, the domestic epidemic situation has been basically controlled, but the overseas epidemic situation continues to spread.

Since the beginning of March, the situation has changed suddenly, and the global epidemic has suddenly escalated. The final report of the World Health Organization (as of April 20, 2020) shows that the cumulative number of people diagnosed with New Coronary Pneumonia other than China has exceeded 2.2 million. Statistics show that the epidemic situation in the United States, Italy, Germany, France, Britain, Belgium and other countries is still spreading. Facing the escalating overseas epidemic situation, Talesun always cares about employees around the world and is concerned about the epidemic protection situation in overseas countries. Up to now, Talesun has donated masks, goggles, disposable gloves and other protective materials to employees in ten regions of Italy, Ukraine, Germany, Switzerland, France, India, Bangkok, Sydney, Tokyo, Fukuoka, New York, and California. Ensure the safety and epidemic prevention of overseas employees.

In addition to donating anti-epidemic materials, Talesun also trained overseas employees on the prevention and control measures and experience of the company's response to the new coronary pneumonia epidemic. The construction and production are orderly, and the warm humanistic care is used to build a strong barrier for overseas epidemic prevention and control.

 After receiving the epidemic prevention materials sent by the company, Talesun’s employees in various countries sent emails one after another. The short words were sincere and expressed their gratitude to the company.

Receiving the thank-you message from overseas employees, the person in charge of Talesun said: "As a global company operating in more than 50 countries, Talesun has been closely following the development of the new global pneumonia epidemic, and strives to provide prevention and control of the epidemic. Support and help. Now that the global fight against the New Coronary Pneumonia epidemic has entered a critical stage, Talesun will continue to take advantage of global resource scheduling, join hands with global partners, and actively fulfill corporate responsibilities. We firmly believe that with the joint efforts of all mankind, this battle ' The epidemic will surely win. "

Over the years, Talesun has not only strived to bring high-quality components and services to global customers through global resource allocation, but also actively fulfilled its social responsibilities, supported various public welfare undertakings, and worked with global employees in the same boat. As the pace of globalization continues to accelerate, Talesun will continue to deepen the global layout, deeply integrate into the social cause of overseas markets, and become a responsible and responsible international photovoltaic enterprise.