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High-value patent cultivation plan project kick-off meeting of Zhongli Group was successfully held

Author: Time:2020-10-31 Hit:2498
On the morning of October 28th, the Jiangsu Province High-Value Patent Cultivation Program-High-Performance Flame-retardant Polymer Materials for Special Cables High-Value Patent Cultivation Project was held in Jiangsu Zhongli Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Zhongli Group") . Wu Xinyong, Jiangsu Intellectual Property Office, Yu Yaping, Suzhou Intellectual Property Office, Wu Dong, Changshu Intellectual Property Office, Gu Wenjie, Shajiabang Town People’s Government, Chen Xinxiang, Zhongli Group, Zheng Yubin, Dalian University of Technology, Ding Tian, Jiangsu Patent Information Service Center , Zhu Lin of Jiangsu Shengdian Law Firm and other project members attended the meeting.

During the meeting, Chen Xinxiang, vice president of Zhongli Group, welcomed all leaders and experts to visit on behalf of Zhongli Group, and said that the group will fully support the development of the project, and strive to establish a model and experience in the province to form a demonstration effect. Zhongli Group introduced the overall situation of the project and listed detailed implementation plans and plans around the key technologies and R&D directions of high-performance flame-retardant polymer materials for special cables. The project partner Dalian University of Technology, Jiangsu Patent Information Service Center and Jiangsu Shengdian Law Firm introduced the specific implementation plan of the project. Subsequently, the signing ceremony between Zhongli Group and its partners and the inauguration ceremony of the high-value patent cultivation center took place.
This meeting was guided by the leaders of Jiangsu Province, Suzhou City, and Changshu City. In summary, Wu Xinyong of the Jiangsu Provincial Intellectual Property Office fully affirmed the effectiveness of Zhongli Group's work mechanism establishment, plan refinement and implementation of the division of labor after the project was established, and pointed out: First, the implementation of the project must run through the enterprise's intellectual property rights In all aspects of creation, application, protection, service, management, etc., the whole chain must be developed and promoted in a system. Zhongli Group must strengthen project management, strictly abide by the requirements of special fund management methods, and strive to complete projects with high standards and high quality work; second, the project must give full play to the respective advantages of Zhongli Group, Dalian University of Technology, Jiangsu Patent Information Service Center and Jiangsu Shengdian Law Firm, and integrate the "high-value patents of high-performance flame-retardant polymer materials for special cables" The specific practices of the "Cultivation Center" have been upgraded to typical cases and specific models that can be replicated and promoted; third, the project must focus on the core task of producing high-value patents in the special cable polymer material industry, and fully demonstrate that intellectual property rights help industrial development. The supporting role of Jiangsu Province promotes the high-quality development of the communication cable industry in Jiangsu Province.