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Talesun passed the overall acceptance of the Enterprise Advanced Technology Research Institute

Author: Time:2022-08-31 Hit:1223

On the afternoon of August 16, the Changshu City Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, Changshu City Finance Bureau, Changshu City Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, Changshu City Development and Reform Commission, Changshu City Science and Technology Bureau, Changshu City Market Supervision Bureau and Changshu City Party Committee An assessment team composed of leaders from the Talent Office of the Organization Department, accompanied by leaders of the Shajiabang Town Government and Zhongli Group, checked and accepted the 2021 construction of Talesun's "High-efficiency Smart Photovoltaic and Multifunctional Complementary Advanced Technology Research Institute" , the conference was a complete success.

Qian Hongqiang, assistant to the dean of Talesun High-efficiency Smart Photovoltaic and Multifunctional Complementary Advanced Technology Research Institute, reported on the construction of the Enterprise Advanced Technology Research Institute in 2021 and the five-year construction results of the research institute. The assessment team fully recognized the construction of the Institute and the achievements of scientific and technological innovation, and put forward valuable opinions and ardent expectations for the future development of the Institute of Advanced Technology. The leaders of Zhongli Group and Talesun expressed their heartfelt thanks for the scientific guidance and strong support from various competent departments. layout.
Suzhou Advanced Technology Research Institute for Large Enterprises with Own Brands and Leading Enterprises is the implementation opinion of the Suzhou Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government in accordance with "Several Measures on Building Advanced Manufacturing Bases" and "Suzhou City Encourages Large Enterprises with Independent Brands and Leading Enterprises to Establish Advanced Technology Research Institutes" The spirit of the document, encourages local enterprises in Suzhou to fully develop technological innovation, transformation and upgrading, deeply implement the innovation-driven development strategy, fully implement the "Made in China 2025 Suzhou Implementation Outline", actively explore system and mechanism innovation, and promote independent brand large enterprises and leading enterprises Play a leading role in the innovation pattern of the province, highlight original achievements in promoting independent innovation, build an iconic brand on the basis of comprehensively improving the level of innovation, and promote the leap from "Made in Suzhou" to "Created in Suzhou". At the same time, it will stimulate the continuous innovation and creativity of large independent brand enterprises and leading enterprises, take the research of industrial cutting-edge technology as the main line, take the industrialization of major key technologies as the core, play the leading role of leading demonstration, optimize the integration of industry advantageous resources and diversified innovation resources, and radiate Drive the enthusiasm and creativity of various innovative entities, and give full play to the supporting and leading role of technological innovation in the economy and society. Explore the establishment of a new mechanism for independent innovation, collaborative innovation, and open innovation for leading industries, link the innovation chain, industrial chain and innovation ecosystem, and strive to realize the transformation of the core competitiveness of Suzhou's industrial economy from technology input to technology originality.
In 2017, Talesun was successfully approved the first batch of Suzhou independent brand large enterprise advanced technology research institute projects. After five years of continuous construction, the research institute has achieved fruitful results in the construction of hardware and software facilities, financial support, innovation carriers, innovation models, staffing, industry-university-research cooperation, and achievement transformation, and has reached the industry's leading position. Level. During the five-year construction period, the research institute has developed a total of 25 new products through independent development and cooperative development with key domestic and foreign scientific research institutions, and completed 14 provincial-level new technology and new product appraisals, including 2 at the international advanced level and domestic leading level. 11 items, 1 item at the domestic advanced level. It has applied for 291 patents, including 166 invention patents and 8 PCT international patents. Obtained 51 authorized invention patents. Participated in the compilation of 45 international, national and industry technical standards. Won the China Patent Excellence Award twice and the third prize of Jiangsu Science and Technology Award once. Make the company's core technology products firmly in the first-class level in the industry.
Mr. Dong Shuguang, President of Talesun, said: "Under the background of the current development of the photovoltaic industry in full swing, the product research direction of Talesun Enterprise Advanced Technology Research Institute will continue to make breakthroughs in new categories and new series. Team building, continuous technological innovation, continuous output of high-quality scientific research results for the company, promotion of quality improvement, cost reduction and efficiency increase of photovoltaic manufacturing industry, and the promotion and application of high-quality photovoltaic power generation products to accelerate the realization of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality in my country and great goals.”