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Overseas Project Accounting Supervisor

Author: Time:2014-05-03 Hit:2110

Work contents:

    1. Arrange the information data of Project Company

    2. Check whether the information data complete or not, and confirm they are comply with the requirements of the Group

    3. Account projects’ costs, track project process and synchronic check with financial regularly.

    4. Control project budgets.

    5. Project purchase and preparation of sales information.

    6. Complete other arranged work by leader actively.

    7. Regular overseas business trips.




    1. Bachelor’s degree, major in financial professional.

    2. More than 5 years’ working experience, prior to project management experience and overseas working experience.

    3. Good at English listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, and prior to two foreign languages.

    4. Adapt to long-term overseas business trips.

    5. Good skills at Excel.



Contact Information




Closing Date

    31st, December, 2015.