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Celebration of National Day

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The clear, beautiful rivers, red flag flying.

Look at kyushu fangyuan, celebrate; River singing, and the land that lasts.

Social stability and people's happiness, and achiev greater spectrum of reform and opening up.

New China, such as the dragon in the world, stands in the east.

Today is so brilliant, the party and state policy refers to the direction.

Have glory days, untold sufferings; Oh how hard it is to get the night boundless.

Bullets, fight for newborn red sun.

When treasure, rivers, forever, forever.

Step one song fifty-two years, song singing is not the mountain green water show native beauty;

Once a song of the three represents, song song don't finish strong national wealth soldier all of the people.

River, wanli was owned by the people:

Smile, a total of five hundred million people wish the motherland.

Yip lai, all the countries,

True 60 countries.

Putian play harmonious times,

In governing the pragmatic people.

The livelihood of the people have good year after year; Usually without long day by day.

The republic of bright; Good weather updates.