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\"The eternal JiaoYuLu\" about it

Author: ChenShaoYing Time:2015-09-11 Hit:1287

The party's mass line education practice is an important deployment of which party's eighteen. Dongkeng town, since 2014 the party's mass line do always practice the spirit of the central instruction, education practice in the grass-roots party organizations to carry out a series of practical, vivid and effective education activities. Production base in south China as dongkeng town five-star party organization ", "advanced grass-roots party organizations, actively cooperate with and to carry out the practice of the education link, was invited to visit the profound eternal JiaoYuLu viewing activities.

In the film, comrade JiaoYuLu always adhere to the mass line, visit at the grass-roots level, visit: supply, to visit people, relief relief, rainy night flood control, sand people kind of wutong, thoroughly understand the three evils to effect a radical cure lankao, makes the poorest and most bitter past lankao "dare to teach the new signs and"; Insisting on the tenet of serving the people:

Is is the secretary of the party committee, but it never to right person, don't make cadres special treatment. The interests of the people is the most important thing in his mind, he himself took the storm, the wind and rain, one step at a time to give assistance to the victims, to save the living life on the edge of the death struggle.

JiaoYuLu comrade to serve the people, adhere to the mass line, and a person of integrity, diligence aimin's style is not only an indicator of the grass-roots party organization work style construction, but also give us some private enterprise employee relationship management revelation: grass-roots staff is the foundation of enterprise survival, on the one hand, to keep a close concern of their most fundamental interests, in addition to play more and to mobilize the collective wisdom of the masses, innovation and development for the company to create the inexhaustible power flow.